What We Do

In Your Brand

All sales, service, carrier relations and ‘backroom’ operations provided by Insuritas are delivered entirely in your brand. You’ll own your aisle – we simply run it.


Expand and Scale

We will create an FI-owned agency in your name – you will own the agency, the policies and the renewals. You will own the income statement & the balance sheet. Your agency will be a wholly owned affiliate – no third party partnerships.

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Drive Income

Connect your customer to an agency in a highly automated environment, that leverages the customer’s instant of interest and focuses intensely on growing same store sales.

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What Is an Insurance Aisle?

Our simple goal is to ensure if your customer has an insurance need, they don’t need to go to someone else.

Our core product offerings are auto, home, business and life insurance – we can give quotes to meet all customers’ insurance necessities. Yet, we also offer a variety of insurance products from our carriers to be sure if your customer has an insurance need we can fill it.

Our Carriers

What Can It Do For You?

Increase Retention Rates

When you provide loans to customers, you’re creating insurance buyers – offer them the insurance products you require them to purchase. With LoanINSURE, we deliver free, no obligation insurance quotes to every borrower before they close. By allowing for customers to shop for and buy ALL insurance through your agency, you increase retention rates and create a better customer experience.

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Provide Real-Time Insights

With our IAPPEX platform and online digital dashboards, you and your leadership team get to see real-time data on how many visits, clicks, and purchases your agency is driving every minute of every day. Our technology shows you how your success compares to your growth plans and to your peer financial institutions. IAPPEX received an Innovation of the Year Award for driving same-store sales of insurance to our partner’s customers.

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Generate Non-Interest Income

Our insurance ‘aisle’ is a critical fee income growth engine that our clients use to offset pressurized net interest margins. 100% of your customers buy insurance every single year. The income you will gain is annuitizing, value added and non-cyclical. As an added benefit, you will protect against competitive incursion, expand wallet share, and support retention.

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How We Do It

Our agency operations leverage five core technology platforms that support customer acquisition, quote delivery & policy issuance. These platforms are designed and managed to maximize agent efficiency while providing customers with personalized support throughout the policy fulfillment process (customer inquiry through policy issuance).

Our commission revenue is driven by two core operational metrics – QUOT, an indicator of a final price being delivered, and SOLD, an indicator that a policy has been issued – which are both currently growing at over 30% annually.

Our Tech Platforms

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Today, you can request a call with an agent or fill out our Strategic Assessment Form. Our SAF gives our analysts the data they need so that when they speak to you, they can talk specifically about the fee and non-interest income that your bank or credit union will generate.

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