Our Passion For Your Reputation

What Is It?

Our Net Promoter Score is how we ensure that we are protecting your reputation and representing your brand as well as possible. See what banks and credit unions are already using us.

Who Is Signing On?

How Do We Use It?

At Insuritas, we understand our private labelled agency solution brings with it reputation risk. To mitigate this risk, we have adapted the Net Promoter Score methodology where each customer gets an instant survey after using our service that asks them one question – would you recommend us to a friend or family member?

After all, it’s your aisle.
What We Do

How Do We Find It?

Every survey response instantly populates in our entire staff’s email inboxes real-time so our whole staff is aware of how we’re doing. We have instituted a forensics team to figure out what happened when a response is poor, by listening to our full digital recording of all calls, and we have a customer recovery mechanism to do our best to ensure we don’t lose a customer.

Who Is Already Benefiting?