Insuritas & Walker Digital to Unveil Revolutionary Digital Engagement Technology at NAFCU Strategic Growth Conference

On February 17, 2016

Insuritas CEO Jeffrey C. Chesky will be joined by Tom Neseralla, President of  Agency Solutions Group at Walker Digital for a groundbreaking unveiling of Digital Engagement Technology at the NAFCU Strategic Growth Conference in San Diego on March 8th. Walker Digital was founded by Jay Walker, the inventor and founder of

The Presentation; ‘Transforming your Web Portal into an Ecommerce Engine’  will focus on a new generation of digitals tools that are reimagining a  member’s experience with their credit union. Over the last year, Walker Digital has partnered with Insuritas to engineer a revolutionary suite of digital engagement tools for Credit Unions and their members. Chesky noted; ‘Our Credit Union partners get over 2 million visits to their online banking web portals every month, but are struggling to convert those web portals from brochure and service sites into true e-commerce engines.’ Chesky continued, ‘Walker Digital has spent the last year in beta with several of our CU partners to use pools of member data to connect members to financial products in a frictionless shopping experience, leveraging a CU’s web portal and its members email addresses.’

Tom Neseralla noted; ‘At Walker Digital we focus on delivering the types of digital experiences that consumers expect to see in today’s online marketplace. Insuritas has introduced us to their financial partners, each of whom  have vast pools of existing customers, deep brand equity, control over NPI customer data, and high online customer engagement in business activities that often trigger  additional product needs – a perfect environment for reimagining financial product distribution in America.’


About Insuritas

Insuritas has pioneered the deployment of virtual ‘private labeled’ insurance agencies that are integrated into bank and credit union operating environments, with over 125 financial institutions installed, connecting to over 5.2 million consumers and small businesses nationwide. Insuritas enables financial institutions and etailers to own an insurance agency without the significant capital investment required to build or buy an agency, or the inherent operational risks attendant to either of those approaches.    Additional information is available at

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