Fueling Fee Income For Banks and Credit Unions Nationally

Re-engineering Insurance Distribution

Who Are You




Generate Fee Income

Allow us to help you sell the insurance products 100% of your customers buy from someone every year.

You Own Your Customer, Now Help Them

We use your data and our technology to get insurance to your customer exactly when they need it, without relying on your bankers for refferals.

Insurance Commissions, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Give your customer the insurance they need and get paid commissions/fee income for helping them. Average policy duration is 6.2 years.

Protect Your Customer

Don’t send your customer to an insurance carrier that also owns a bank. State Farm wants your banking customer.

Monetize Your Web Traffic

Our award winning omni-channel digital agency platform is integrated into your online banking platform and will convert your web portal from an expense to a revenue generating engine.

Eliminating The Risks

Our model collapses your capital, execution and reputation risks and we will open your agency in 90 days.